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I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve updated Terribly Nice. Truthfully, I stopped at a moment when everything seemed Terribly Scary, in a very first-worldly kind of way. My now-husband had moved to Sweden, meaning that eventually I would have to move to Sweden, and mid-way of the whole wedding planning, which I tried to keep to a minimum, I launched ÆTHER STUDIOS with my business partner Neliana, and to top things off, we had to move apartments by the end of the year, which in Stockholm means a suicide mission. Last year everything collapsed on top of everything and everything became a messy whirlwind of wonderful, exciting, nerve-wrecking, odd things. How did I become a wife, business owner and expat all at once? I must be out of my fucking mind.

In any case, it is 2014! This year I am sure that I won’t get married and I won’t be moving, and I am sure that this year will be focused on creativity and inspiration. I am welcoming this new year with an open heart and an open mind. This year I will read at least one book (hey! I’m being realistic here), I will travel less, I will eat more at home, I will attempt to bake something (this means also overcoming my fear of turning on my new gas oven), and I will learn Swedish. 

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Spring has finally sprung in Barcelona and all I can think about is flowers (not that I wasn’t thinking of them before), and I had the infinite pleasure of meeting -and meeating- the superb Pepe Von Strüdel (how the hell did he come up with that name? I want it!) to shoot his next project: a workshop where you’ll not only learn how to do flower arrangements, but eat them too. Wasn’t this paragraph super difficult to read? I sure do love my parenthesis. 

The initiative came from the folks over at Meeatings23 (remember this post?), a space where art and food are always joined together, and this time it’s like they read my mind and made this possible. Will I see you there? :)

wedding photographer barcelona city

flores para eventos barcelona - pepe von strudel

bouquets de novia barcelona - pepe von strudelBy the way, happy Sant Jordi to all of you! (If you don’t know what Sant Jordi is, google it).

All pictures property of Paula Maso.


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Not so long ago, I ran into Otaduy in, you guessed it, the Internet. I was completely mesmerized by their designs and the overall aesthetic. Romantic, simple and honest; just what every bride should be. 

In this weird world we live in, full of stuff and more stuff, it is incredibly refreshing to come across projects that have some sense of normality to them. The wedding industry is SO gigantic and unnecessary, between the princess gowns and the wedding dress hanger and the bridal garter and the ring bearer pillow and the bridesmaids gifts and the whatever it is that brides apparently need, it is a breath of fresh air when you finally find an alternative to all the crap available. An alternative that screams genuine

otaduy bridal wear barcelona

That is what I felt when I found Otaduy. Relief. I am absolutely in love not only with their dresses, but also with the shopping experience they offer. They opened up a tiny shop in Gràcia (yes, I love Gràcia!). An ethereal space, where everything is white and natural. The dresses hang from tree branches and accessories sit in wooden stools. I went there a couple of months ago – I swear I did not have time to go over the images until now!- and took some improvised pictures. I didn’t have to plan much in such a gorgeous place.

otaduy barcelona store

otaduy barcelona online

destination wedding in barcelona otaduy

Photography_Paula Maso · Model_Gemma Manzanero · Make-up_Marianne Vegas Brandt · Interior Design_Barbara Aurell 

All pictures property of Paula Maso.

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For the last couple of months I’ve been working on a new project with my very good friend and London-based fashion designer Neliana Fuenmayor. We have been building a sustainable designer womenswear label called ÆTHER, a name that both represents our business philosophy -transparency and honesty for the consumer- and our aesthetics -timeless, unique and limited edition designs with a touch of sheerness-.

It has been a lot of hard work and I have to say that we’re learning a lot, especially when it comes to production and numbers and cash-flows and loans. But hey, isn’t this adulthood? We’ve been enjoying every step of the way because we’re passionate about our work. We want to offer a high-quality product that also respects the environment and its people, therefore, it will all be produced in Europe.

Our first little project was the re-design of the troubadour dress by Giles Deacon. The people over at Showstudio uploaded the pattern for designers to reinterpret, and we thought it was the perfect starting point for us. It’s built on two layers of super sheer organza, one layer printed with a geometric pattern, and the top layer with an oversized floral print. I’ve been doing the textile digital print for a while, but this result was beyond anything I expected. It is… ætherial.

I was in London last week to do the shoot, and we were amazingly lucky to have worked with such a great team. The result exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy and proud to present our work *happy tears*

We don’t even have a website yet, but we’re on the process. Everything always takes longer than expected, but you have to be patient and perseverant, and on top of all, you have to have faith in yourself even if the project seems bigger than anything you’ve done before, you have to be sure you’ll make it to the other side.

ÆTHER sustainable fashion uk

ÆTHER eco friendly fashion uk

ÆTHER textile digital print silk bureau

ÆTHER textile digital print organza

Original Design_Giles Deacon · Bespoke Print Design_Paula Maso · Realization and Interpretation_ Neliana Fuenmayor · Realization Assistant_ Verónica Prato Peraza · Model_ Rebecca Grant  · Styling Assistant_ Giulia Steidl · Make-up and Hair_ Amrit Preet · Photography and Retouching_Paula Maso

All pictures property of  ÆTHER and Paula Maso.

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A couple of weeks ago a received a very short and sweet email from someone named Carla Cascales. She just said she loved my blog, and beneath her good bye was a link to her portfolio.

It’s always nice to hear that someone likes your work, but to hear it from someone as talented as her, is just the best. Thank you Carla for your kind words, and in return, here’s this post. Her work is absolutely beautiful, sweet, romantic, nostalgic, minimal and just purely awesome.

I have selected my favourite pieces and I also did a tiny interview that you can read below. Yay for talented people!


carla cascales photography barcelona

carla casales graphic design barcelona

carla cascales fanzines barcelona

carla cascales diseñadora barcelona

carla cascales designer barcelona

Paula (a.k.a. Terribly Nice): If you could bring any place in the world to Barcelona, which and where would it be?

Carla: I love traveling, for me it’s almost a state of being, a feeling of true happiness, the fact of discovering new places and soak yourself in its light, its architecture, its culture, its colours… it’s one of the best feelings in the world. I also think it’s very enriching to live somewhere else for a while, so that you can really absorb the essence of the place. A year ago I had the chance to move to Lisboa to do a photographic project about the city, commisioned by the Say What Studio in Paris (you can see it here). At the same time it gave me a chance to study Editorial Illustration in the contemporary art school of Lisboa. I remember with a lot of nostalgia when I walked home every afternoon (I lived in the old town, near the castle) and everyday I would pass the Portas do Sol, a beautiful mirador, where you get the most beautiful sights of the sea and the city, with its uneven houses and especially the sky and the particularly special light the city has. Ever since I came back I miss walking through there, going through the tiny streets and all of the sudden reaching that magical place, where it was impossible not to stop and stare at the view. Without a doubt, I’d love to have that place in Barcelona.

P: If you had to wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be? Answer in Pantone, please :):

C: I’m not a big fan of bold colours, I like natural and neutral hues, and I think that just by looking at my work you can clearly see the abundance of pastels and minimalistic compositions. When I dress I get the same thing, but if I had to pick one it would be a Pantone 401, a Warm Grey. It’s close to earthy tones, light and goes well with everything.

P: If your computer had only one font, what would it be?

C: Oh! You got me here! Just one font… I’d have many problems because I like so many of them and what I like the most is combining them the right way. Plus, for every project it is very important to find the font that communicates well what you need to express, although I do have to admit I have a weakness for the Gotham font by Tobias Frere-Jones (NY, 2000). It’s a very geometric sans-serif, but for headlines it seems very delicate, simple and very direct at the same time. I’ve used it many times in my work.

P: If you could change one thing about this blog, what would it be?

C: What can I say… “Terribly Nice” is also Terribly Beautiful. I love the topics and the pictures, the layout of the blog and the clear tone of your writing. But, if we’re being picky, I would perhaps change the serif font of the titles to a sans-serif, and this way you could get more contrast with the post’s font and with the logo, but it’s just a tiny detail ;)

P: Thank you so much Carla! I think I’ll be changing my font pretty soon! <3

All images property of Carla Cascales.


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