For the past few months we’ve been trying to eat more at home, and eat healthier. The last few Sundays have been completely exhausting since I’m trying to cook all the food for the rest of the week, including desserts and snacks -and one day of going out to lunch, for sanity- and I have to say it’s made a huge difference in both my lifestyle and my diet. For starters, I no longer have to cook/clean during weekdays, which is an enormous advantage, and I’m feeling great, all day long. We’re trying to eat everything locally and within season, without being too exaggerated, and so far, so good.

So for this past week I tried to do a fruity snack that would last throughout the week: natural fruit leather, or also known as my childhood treat gone healthy. It’s extremely easy to make, and for this hot summer days it’s the perfect snack! I’ll admit I had to do this twice since the first time it came out more hard-candy like than chewy leather, but the second time around, it was perfect!

red berries fruit roll up

natural fruit roll ups

natural fruit leather

red berries fruit dessert

strawberry fruit roll up fruit leather

tiger stores tin barcelona

Here’s what you will need:

4 cups chopped strawberries or assorted red berries.

1 cup water

2 tbsp sugar or honey.

Here’s how to do it:

Cook the strawberries/berries on medium heat with the water and sugar until the fruit has softened, then puree them using a food processor. Line up your oven tray with baking paper (non-stick kind) and spread your mix evenly with a spatula. Cook for about 3-5 hours (it depends on the oven!) at 90ºC. When you touch the leather and it’s sticky but it doesn’t stick to your finger, it’s ready. Mine took about 4 hours. Let chill, cut into strips and roll them up in baking sheets! Keep them in the fridge so that they last longer and don’t melt in case you live in a hot city like Barcelona :)

I used some ribbon to keep them tight and they look so incredibly cute! I keep a tiny ribbon tin from Tiger Store that I absolutely adore! They opened up two shops in Barcelona about two months ago and I’m so happy about it! One of them is dangerously close to my house, so I try to avoid it. I always end up buying something there!

On another note, there’s this little thing going on around the blogosphere called “One Lovely Blog Award” and I’ve had the honour of being nominated by two amazing bloggers! I have to say that I’m beyond flattered. I’m new at blogging but in this very short time I’ve met wonderful people and discovered a positive, supporting community within the blogging world. I feel extremely lucky to be able to share bits of my life with these lovely people!

So the drill is that once someone nominates you, you have to:

- Give credit to the person who nominated you: in this case Anu from Decordots, and Gudy from Eclectic Trends!

- Give 7 facts about yourself:

1. I’m the worst at math. Seriously. 2. I have an uncontrollable passion for all things pink. 3. I hate coconut and anything coconut scented. Ugh. 4. I love crisp, solid bed linen. I don’t like my sheets to have any patterns or shapes. Plain is best. 5. I can’t stand repetitive noises like someone tapping on a desk, it can drive me mad. 6. Even though I’m a graphic designer, I can’t draw a thing. I think that may be the reason why I turned to photography. 7. I tried to play the guitar, and failed.

- And lastly, you have to nominate up to 15 other bloggers for the same award and let them know about it, so here’s my list:

The Key Item / Galletas de Ante / CurryStrumpet / Anamu / Amanda Jane Jones

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the summer! ♥

All pictures property of Paula Maso.

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  1. Andrés August 4, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    Truth be told, they didn’t last the whole week!!

  2. Imagina August 5, 2012 at 12:13 am #

    Y yo leyendo ésto, mientras acumulo kilos en Galicia. Al regreso voy a comer snacks de fresa y batidos de proteína durante un mes :-)

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